FMBS Therapy System Combi Pro


FMBS Therapy System Combi Pro

29 July 2014

This week sees the launch of a new patrnership between myself and FMBS Therapy Systems.

I have been trialing their Combi Pro System for a while which consists of a rug and leg wraps which combine magnetic and massage therapy.

It enhances suppleness, fitness and has great rehabilitation properties. 

I have noticed great benefits with the equipment and use it as a preventative measure to ensure my horses are always prepared, supple and ready to work.

Now therapy for your horse simply couldn’t be easier! The new Combi Pro is a unique rug that provides both sequenced Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage therapy to the horse. By enhancing venous blood flow, this combination of therapies can be used on many equine problems and conditions as well as having great results when used on a pre-warmup program before exercise and a recovery program after exercise. What’s more, the Combi Pro rug treats the whole of the horse from the top of the neck to the tip of the tail and now also the shoulders and stifle.

The control box is fitted neatly and securely to the rug and comes with long lasting batteries which have no memory effect so can be recharged as often as you like. The complete rug cover is totally removable and machine washable. The Activo- Med Leg Wraps, Hoofpads and Laser systems can be run from the same control box. The 4 important factors for successful therapy sessions are Intensity, Frequency, Duration and Combination of Treatments. The Combi+System enables all 4 to be regulated and combined.

The thermal images below show thermal patterns of an assymetrical horse before and after a 25 minute pre-warmup session using the Combi Rug. (FMBs thanks EquiTherm for the thermal images supplied and for providing ongoing research using our products).

Before Treatment

After Treatment

The System is also available as a Massage-only rug or Pulsed Electromagnetic-only rug. The settings can be tailored to suit individual horses needs and there are 12 spare programmes on the control box for use for special settings, leg wraps or lasers.

To organise a FREE demonstration, place an order or for more information on this and other products from Activo-Med please call us on either 01628 472440 or 07885 539312 or email Systems are also available to hire or hire/purchase. Payment terms can be arranged by discussion.

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