I would like to offer you this unique equestrian experience - to have an online lesson with an Olympic International Show Jumping Trainer.


Only £20* per analysis



Simply follow the steps below -
then you are ready to experience an online coaching session with Billy.

Decide what you would like Billy to analyse to help you and your horse achieve your full potential.


coaching plan

1. Plan to video a course of jumps at home or at a show.

(This could be as few as 3 jumps or a maximum of 10)

coaching do

2. Ask a friend to capture your round of show jumping on your mobile phone, tablet or video camera.

coaching review

3. Review your session and trim to 90 seconds.

Once you are happy with your video...


Upload to YouTube

4. Upload your video to YouTube

Note your video YouTube url

5. Make a note of your videos unique URL

Place your order

6. Place your order and provide your YouTube video URL


Billy will analyse your performance and email you directly with his world class coaching comments.

You may prefer to forward some flatwork or a gymnastic grid jumping session you have set up. Or you may have an issue with related distances and want a professional's advice. Anything relating to you or your horse's performance is acceptable for analysis.

Youtube URL