I have a great family of sponsors and supporters who directley contribute to my day to day success, these have been carefully chosen and supply products that I am proud to be associated with.

Please support company's who are reinvesting your sport with sponsorship. Please click on the links below


Zebra Products provide me with Amerigo saddlery that is a high quality range of saddlery, which is professionally designed and fitted to fit each individual horse and rider combination.



I chose Belmondo rubber mats, as I wanted to ensure my horses were safe, comfortable and secure. I experienced using the mats in Leipzig, Germany for the first time and could not believe the simplicity and practicality. They protect tendons and joints and ensure my horses are kept free from grazes to hocks and knees and are assisted by the grip of the mats when getting up and down. They are clean and hygenic. Please click on the link below to visit their website.


Clean Round

I choose CleanRound products to protect my horses, yard and equipment from the threat and spread of infections. My horses are travelling round the world, in and out of different environments and locations. They can very easily pick up and bring back infections that could stop our operation in its tracks. CleanRound is a unique DEFRA approved, non toxic, non corrosive, non irritant, Bio Security, infection control, cleaning system, which is 100% environmentally friendly, washes superbly and is kind to human and equine skin.

For further information, please visit: www.cleanround.co.uk

Connolly's RED MILLS

I have fed Connolly's RED MILLS feed to my horses all my life. Their unique nutrient fresh management system, ensures their products are as fresh and retain all the goodness, as the day they were made. Connolly's RED MILLS have been tested to ensure compliance with FEI, BS, SJAI and Irish Turf Club regulations. Connolly's RED MILLS, pure nutrition-the best of natural ingredients for optimum digestion, well being and performance.



easibed is practical and easy to use, it is extremely comfortable for the horses. It provides a good dust free environment and I have noticed a marked improvement in a lot of the horses breathing. easibed has proved very cost effective within the yard as we notice we are now using substantially less bales of bedding.


Equiform Nutrition

Equiform Nutrition are one of the leading equine nutrition specialist in the UK, their wide range of products help keep my horses in tip top condition throughout the busy show season.  Equiform provide me with proven quality supplements that help the horses stay healthy and improve their performance.    These are some of the Equiform products we are currently using, Happy Farrier, Excel E & Selenium, Excel Jump Off.    All the horses on the yard are fed Equiform Soya Oil, this keeps their coats healthy and with an amazing shine.   Another added bonus with Equiform is that all their products are FEI Approved so that is one less thing to worry about, quality products for quality horses.



Equiline provide me with their range of clothing, which is stylish and comfortable to wear whilst remaining very practicle. I always like to look as smart as I possibly can. Equiline is the professional's range of clothing.



EuroBale are a leading UK supplier of haylage and hay. They grow all their own haylage to maintain a consistent quality and transport it free. I chose EuroBale, as I needed to ensure I had a secure supply of hay and haylage, which was of the superior quality that my horses require to compete every week at the highest competition levels, on a worldwide stage. EuroBale ensures my horses are in top condition.



Haygain supply me with Flexineb, a silent, portable equine nebuliser that produces a very fine aerosolised mist for fast solution administration. Great results are being achieved using Flexineb as a preventative measure, on horses that are doing a lot of travelling, which creates an unnatural way of standing for long periods of time. Flexineb helps to maintain clean airways. It is robust yet flexible, lightweight and comfortable so well tolerated. It is rechargeable battery powered.


FMBS Therapy Systems

I use FMBS Therapy Systems Combi Pro System, which consists of a rug and leg wraps, which combine magnetic and massage therapy. It enhances suppleness, fitness and has great rehabilitation properties. I have noticed great benefits with the equipment and use it as a preventative measure to ensure my horses are always prepared, supple and ready to work.


HAYGAIN hay steamers are the only scientifically proven method that eliminate respirable dust in hay and haylage by killing mould spores and bacteria to produce hygienically clean forage.
The HAYGAIN patented, proven manifold spike system pushes steam into the centre of the hay and ensures all of the hay is steamed fully. Double-skinned, insulated containers are attached to a purpose-built steam generator. All components are designed and manufactured by HAYGAIN



Made to measure riding boots created according to the best manufacturing methods. A perfect combination of tradition and research, an ancient craft in continuous style evolution.



Belstane Products provide me with Samshield's range of protective headwear.
Having suffered an horrific fall in 2008, I realized safety and protective head wear should be of paramount importance to anybody riding a horse on any occasion. Having studied the protection available on the market, I use the Samshield range as they offer maximum protection, whilst remaining stylish. Samshield is the protection of choice for a great number of the worlds leading riders.



Zebra Products provide me with Veredus leg protection for my horses.
I want to provide the very best leg protection for my horses that is available on the market. With horses as valuable as the ones I am riding, I cant afford not to use the best.
These boots are designed using the latest discovery in raw materials and up- to- the- minute production technology.This is one of the reasons why VEREDUS products are so technically advanced. Their boots are regularly used and appreciated by many Top Class Riders, some of whom have professionally co-operated with them. Care and attention to detail are essential elements in VEREDUS HIGH-TECH line products. In a word: much passion has gone into their work.